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NG Chun Hei, Alfred

Professional Chess Coach

Head Trainer of C for Chess Education Hong Kong

Representatives of

Hong Kong for the World Chess Championship

International Master (Chinese Chess)


Our head coach  Mr. Alfred Ng has more than 15years of experience in chess education. He was the Chess Coach at Wah Yan College, Kwun Tong, Maryknoll College in Kwun Tong, La Salle Primary School, and Singapore International School (Primary Section).

Since the age of 6,  Alfred  has participated in Chinese chess tournaments in different countries and has won numerous awards. When he was young, he was also selected to represent the Hong Kong team to participate in the World Chess Championships, Asian team competitions, and other worldwide tournaments. In 2005 Asian Chess Championship, he was awarded the title of Asian Chess Master.

In recent years, Alfred has also actively participated in worldwide chess competitions, integrating the knowledge, skills, and experience of Chinese chess in the past into chess. In the 2017 Hong Kong Chess Open Championship, he won the 3rd runner up in his first try. He then becomes one of the very few players in Hong Kong who can score the top four in both Chinese chess and chess. In the same year, he went Spain to participate in the International Open and won the 1st runner up in his group.

In addition to the development of chess skills, through logical thinking and concentration training, students have also achieved success in other fields, such as becoming doctors, accountants, banker, university graduates.


Chinese chess

2012: "Yang Guanlin Cup" National Chess Championship in China

Overseas International Group -1st runner up

2010: Hong Kong Chinese Chess Team Tournament- Champion

2008: Hong Kong Representative for the Asian Chess Championship and promoted to Asian chess master

2003, 2005: Representatives of Hong Kong for the World Chess Championship

2003& 2004: Hong Kong Individuals Chess Championship (Group A)- 1st runner-up,

promoted to Hong Kong Chess Master

2000: Asia Chess Championship- Youth Team

3rd runner up

1997: National Youth Chess Championship (China)

the 8th



2019: Vice World Champion

World Amateur Chess Championship (Greece)

2019: Hong Kong Chess Championship-3rd runner up

2017: 2017 II Open Internacional Magistral de Leon(Spain)

First runner-up in 1st classified Elo group

2017: Hong Kong Chess Championship-3rd runner up

2016: 2nd Hong Kong National RAPID Chess Championships 2016- 1st runner up

Major Achievements


香港棋藝教育, 吳震熙, 圍棋, 中國象棋, 國際象棋, 棋藝課程 , 寶林, 西貢, 將軍澳






香港棋藝教育, 吳震熙, 圍棋, 中國象棋, 國際象棋, 象棋, 棋藝課程, 寶林, 西貢, 將軍澳



Picture 1: In 2002, the National Chess Open "Yang Guanlin Cup", Alfred won the 1st runner up in international Group

Picture 2: When Alfred was F.1 in Wah Yan College (1997), he participated in Hong Kong inter-school chess tournament for the first time; he defeated many senior players and won individual and group championships.

Picture 3: Alfred was performing 1 vs. 16 “wheel chess battle”, challenged by different player.

Picture 4: Alfred’s students participate in Primary Chess tournaments and got good results. (From left to right are Choi Wai Hung, Chan Yat Yue, Yeung Shun Hang. And Choi Wai Hung is now a Hong Kong “A Team” player in chess)

Picture 5: Alfred’s students from Wah Yan College and Kwun Tong Maryknoll College participated in the 25th Hong Kong Inter-Secondary School Competition, and awarded both Champion and 1st Runner up.

Picture 6: Alfred presents 1 Vs 2 to the public without looking at the chess broad.

Picture 7: In 2017, Alfred went to Spain for the international chess open and won 1st runner up in his group.

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